About Marco

Marco Lobo

Blogging about everyday adventures in my travels. Observing culture, business, politics and life in general.

Marco Lobo was born in Hong Kong. He has traveled in six of the world’s continents. Educated in Asia, the UK and the US, he holds university degrees in business and economics. He currently makes his home in Tokyo, Japan.

AuAuthor Marco Lobo: Winner of 2012 contest '50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading'

 Marco Lobo: Winner of 2012 contest ’50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading’

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 ‘The Witch Hunter’s Amulet’ 

The Witch Hunter’s Amulet

7 responses to “About Marco

  1. Hello Marco
    Have seen your postings on Amazon reader discussions but just discovered that you were born in Hong Kong, where I lived for 15 years as a foreign correspondent for The New York Times. My first fiction, The Peking Payoff, published by Macmillan Inc, New York in 1975, was written in Hong Kong. I thought you might be interested to take a look at my new book, Nanyang, a historical fiction work, which covers a period of some 200 years through the seventeenth, eighteenth and early 19th century. It begins in a Fujian village and ends in Singapore but has some action in Macau, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. It is available as both an eBook at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006PHIPU4 and 700-page paperback at http://www.amazon.com/Nanyang-Mr-Ian-Gordon-Stewart/dp/1468153013/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1333780527&sr=1-2

    You can find more information about me on my blog: http://iangstewart.typepad.com/my_weblog/

    Best regards,

    Ian Stewart

    • Hi Ian,
      Congrats on your book success and thanks for the comment. You may have come across members of my family in HK and Macau during the time over there. Pedro J Lobo (grandfather in Macau), Sir Roger Lobo (father in HK).
      Best wishes

  2. I remember the name of your father as a HK official during the 1960s and 1970s and believe I met him at one or other function, especially when I was president of the HK Foreign Correspondents Club and was invited in that capacity – including dinner at Government House.
    Best regards


    Dear Marco,

    You probably don’t remember me.
    I was one of the obnoxious professors at Gonzaga FORTY YEARS AGO, who tried to teach and who resented the spoiled, rich young Hong Kong Mafia.

    I hate to say anything good about you – but you did write a pretty good book in the Witchhunter’s Amulet. If I still taught Asian history I would use it as a text.

    I now teach Criminal Justice and Law – in Tennessee – but I do visit East Asia periodically.
    I have sent on Witchunter to Annie K. Davis in Calif.

    I look forward to your next book.


  4. George Scheller

    Hello Marco

    have we met? We lived in 25 across the road from your familly in the 50’s. I believe to have played with Roger and Orlando. I still remember the old sheik night watch man with the pump gun. If you have news or wish a follow up please contact over gudrun scheller HDI Bonn

    best regards George Scheller

    • Hi George,
      Sorry for not replying sooner. I am based in Tokyo and rarely get the chance to check in with the comments. Thanks for getting in touch.
      Orlando is in the San Francisco Bay area, and Roger is a doctor in New York.

      Stay in touch,
      Best wishes,

  5. Tamielle Andreassen

    hi. its been so long since i saw you. i looked up your dad on google & was sad & sorry to see he passed away. my condolences. i was surprised to see your name next on the google list with the success of your book. congratulations. couldnt happen to anyone more deserving. hope you are doing well. look after yourself. feel free to come say hello next time you are in australia. ill check for your book at the library & give it a read. im proud of you. Tamielle

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