Jincan – The Shaman’s Poison

Ancient China collides with Gold Rush America when two sleuths from opposite ends of the earth unite to hunt down a killer. JINCAN, a deadly toxin created through sorcery by combining the venoms of five creatures, oozes through the pores of this thriller – set in China, the jungles of Panama and the gold country of California in 1850. Shen, a Chinese assassin escapes to America with dreams of riches. Angus Greystone is a lawman on the hunt for the truth behind President Zachary Taylor’s sudden death. Shen and Greystone collide in a muddle of cross-cultural mishaps before forming an unlikely partnership to track the culprit down together, trailing a killer into the Sierra Nevada where the hunters become the hunted. Think Pinkerton detective meets Judge Dee.

One response to “Jincan – The Shaman’s Poison

  1. siobhandaiko

    I have ordered the paperback to give to Victor for his birthday. Looks right up his street.

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